12 Mar 2011

Grand Chase Tools by e-collidex

Grand Chase Tools
March 01, 2011
Known issue

Item Hack doesn't work on WinXP
Infinite Item Hack
Damage Hack
3c : [Fixed] Detection
- Item and 'C' more synchronized. No need to spam 'C' anymore.
3b : [Fixed] Item Error
3 : Synchronized with 02/22/11 Update.
2d : Removed the annoying error sound.
2c : Made it applicable to the new version.
2b : Reallocation of item Hotkeys.

To be Posted

Just open the tool and Grand Chaser then it will automatically do the Job.

In-Game Steps
Press the following key to change items
0 - Invulnerability, Invinsibility
9 - Fly, Reflect, Haste
8 - Health, Mana

Damage Hack - Adds Permanent buff for the rest of your log session. To use, before doing anything else. Go to Practice mode and cast 'Holy Bless'. Take note, you must not hit anyone/anything before casting 'Holy Bless'. You might want to restart the gameif it fails. If you succeeded, a box will appear that says you got it working. Press [ok] to that box to use the hack.

Important Notes
If your firewall is on, please put an exception so that the tool can check its latest version.
Do not forget to 'run as admin' if you are using windows vista or above.
The tool usually works at the second time of using.

Virus Scan
Grand Chase Tools.zip
2011-03-05 23:13:00 (UTC)
0/ 43 (0.0%)
Scanned via VirusTotal

Requirements (Important)
To run this software please install a .NET Framework 4.x from Microsoft or the one provided here.
Also if you are having problem with Microsoft WIC please download it hereWIC Microsoft

Download Here:

Tips:How to Download in Filesonic?
1.Click Slow Download.
2.Wait to Countdown the Number.
3.Type Captcha.
4.Click "Start Download".

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